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Who We Are?

Tradix network is a company run by a team of hustlers enthusiastically waiting to prove to the world what we are.

We have a team of both technical and non-technical people, working zealously and consistently. We are fresh minds working with the hope of helping others and growing ourselves simultaneously. Would you like to have a hand with us? Let's put our heads and minds together and get them done.

Team Tradix

Here's what we offer


User friendly application with clean UI/UX.


Fast loading time with contrasting color scheme.


Accurate and Secure funtionality which is maintained by our experts.


Accurate and Secure funtionality which is maintained by our experts.

Here's why you should work with us

User friendly technologies

Clean UI/UX

Maintained by our experts

Portable and feature rich components

Budget friendly service

Optimized for different platforms

Frequently Asked Questions

It completely depends upon the kind of product you claimed to have. From our side, we assure you that you would receive that product at a fast pace.

We do offer services of five kinds. They are Software Development, Android app development, iOS app development, Static as well as dynamic websites, Marketing and Content Creation.

You might contact any of the emails or the contact numbers that are given on our website. But, to be client-friendly, we would have periodic meetings to discuss the progress. So you won't have any trouble in contacting and simultaneously you would be confident on the service provided.

The cost of pay is depended on the technologies, time and languages required for the successful completion of the project. You can feel free to talk about the cost during the discussion of the projects.

Our company consist of 20+ members. Each of us is proficient in some field that can meet the demand from the clients.

send us message https://www.tradixnetwork.com/#contact

or call us on +91 9607163033

Our Team

Sahil Madavi

Co-founder and CEO

Girish Bansode

Co-founder and CTO

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